Acivs 2018

Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems

Sept. 24-27, 2018

Espace Mendes France, Poitiers, France

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Acivs 2018 List of papers

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Papers scheduled for poster presentation

Paper 105: Fusing Omnidirectional Visual Data for Probability Matching Prediction

Author(s): David Valiente, Luis Payá, Luis M. Jiménez, Jose M. Sebastián, Oscar Reinoso

Paper 109: Person Re-identification with a Body Orientation-Specific Convolutional Neural Network

Author(s): Yiqiang Chen, Stefan Duffner, Andrei Stoian, Jean-yves Dufour, Atilla Baskurt

Paper 119: Identification of Saimaa rRnged Seal Individuals using Transfer Learning

Author(s): Ekaterina Nepovinnykh, Tuomas Eerola, Heikki Kälviäinen, Gleb Radchenko

Paper 139: Integrating UAV in IoT for RoI Classification in Remote Images

Author(s): Loretta Ichim, Dan Popescu

Paper 146: Scanner Model Identification of Official Documents Using Noise Parameters Estimation in the Wavelet Domain

Author(s): Chaima Ben Rabah, Gouenou Coatrieux, Riadh Abdelfattah

Paper 152: Reconfigurable FPGA Implementation of the AVC Quantiser and Dequantiser Blocks

Author(s): Vijaykumar Guddad, Amit Kulkarni, Dirk Stroobandt

Paper 155: I-HAZE: a Dehazing Benchmark with Real Hazy and Haze-free Indoor Images

Author(s): Cosmin Ancuti, Codruta Ancuti, Radu Timofte, Christophe De Vleeschouwer

Paper 159: Intrinsic Calibration of a Camera to a Line-Structured Light using a Single View of Two Spheres

Author(s): Yu Liu, Jiayu Yang, Xiaoyong Zhou, Qingqing Ma, Hui Zhang

Paper 160: Multi-organ Segmentation of Chest CT Images in Radiation Oncology: Comparison of Standard and Dilated UNet

Author(s): Umair Javaid, Damien Dasnoy, John Lee

Paper 163: Diffuse Low Grade Glioma NMR Assessment for Better Intra-operative Targeting Using Fuzzy Logic

Author(s): Mathieu Naudin, Benoit Tremblais, Carole Guillevin, Rémy Guillevin, Christine Fernandez-Maloigne

Paper 170: Clustering Based Reference Normal Pose for Improved Expression Recognition

Author(s): Andrei Racoviteanu, Iulian Felea, Laura Florea, Mihai Badea, Corneliu Florea

Paper 174: Relocated Colour Contrast Occurrence Matrix and Adapted Similarity Measure for Colour Texture Retrieval

Author(s): Hela Jebali, Noel Richard, Hermine Chatoux, Mohamed Naouai

Paper 178: Dealing with Topological Information within a Fully Convolutional Neural Network

Author(s): Etienne Decencière, Santiago Velasco-Forero, Fu Min, JuanJuan Chen, Hélène Burdin, Gervais Gauthier, Bruno Lay, Thomas Bornschloegl, Thérèse Baldeweck

Paper 182: Face Detection in Painting using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Author(s): Olfa Mzoughi, André Bigand, Renaud Christophe

Paper 183: Detecting and Recognizing Salient Object in Videos

Author(s): Rahma Kalboussi, Mehrez Abdellaoui, Ali Douik

Paper 188: Derivative Half Gaussian Kernels and Shock Filter

Author(s): Baptiste Magnier, Vincent Noblet,, Adrien Voisin, Dylan Legouestre

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