Acivs 2010

Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems

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Dec. 13-16, 2010

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Special session on distributed camera systems

Organizers: Richard Kleihorst, VITO NV & Ghent University, Belgium; Abbas Bigdeli, NICTA, Australia.

Single camera vision is a process that looses information by projecting a 3D scene on the 2D image sensor. In order to retrieve 3D scene information either depth cameras, object motion or multiple view directions are necessary. In this special session we invite papers on intelligent vision systems that explicitly make use of multiple cameras or multiple visual sensors to approach a vision challenge.

Example Areas of Interest

Prospective authors of papers should indicate during their submission that their contribution is aimed at this special session. The Program Chairs may move papers that are otherwise of high-quality to the main conference program if they don't fit the scope of the special session.

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