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Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems

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Oct. 26-29, 2015

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Acivs 2015 List of papers

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Regular papers

Paper 102: Patch-based Mathematical Morphology for Image Processing, Segmentation and Classification

Author(s): Olivier Lézoray

Paper 104: On Optimal Illumination for Dovid Description using Photometric Stereo

Author(s): Daniel Soukup, Svorad Stolc, Reinhold Huber-Mörk

Paper 106: Secure Signal Processing using Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Author(s): Thomas Shortell, Ali Shokoufandeh

Paper 109: Unsupervised Salient Object Matting

Author(s): Jaehwan Kim, Jongyoul Park

Paper 110: On Blind Source Camera Identification

Author(s): Giovanni Maria Farinella, Mario Valerio Giuffrida, Vincenzo Digiacomo, Sebastiano Battiato

Paper 111: Bayesian Fusion of Back Projected Probabilities (BFBP): Co-occurrence Descriptors for Tracking in Complex Environments

Author(s): Mark Moyou, Koffi Ihou, Rana Haber, Anthony Smith, Adrian Peter, Kevin Fox, Rhonda Henning

Paper 114: Single Image Visual Obstacle Avoidance for Low Power Mobile Sensing

Author(s): Levente Kovacs

Paper 116: Analysis of Hvs-Metrics’ Properties Using Color Image Database Tid2013

Author(s): Nikolay Ponomarenko, Vladimir Lukin, Jaakko Astola, Karen Egiazarian

Paper 117: Content-Fragile Commutative Watermarking-Encryption Based on Pixel Entropy

Author(s): Roland Schmitz, Shujun Li, Christos Grecos, Xinpeng Zhang

Paper 120: Edge Detection Method Based on Signal Subspace Dimension for Hyperspectral Images

Author(s): Caroline Fossati, Salah Bourennane, Alexis Cailly

Paper 121: RSD-DOG : A New Image Descriptor based on Second Order Derivatives

Author(s): Darshan Venkatrayappa, Philippe Montesinos, Daniel Diep, Baptiste Magnier

Paper 123: Improving Kinect-Skeleton Estimation

Author(s): Valcik Jakub, Sedmidubsky Jan, Zezula Pavel

Paper 124: Spatiotemporal Integration of Optical Flow Vectors for Micro-Expression Detection

Author(s): Devangini Patel, Guoying Zhao, Matti Pietikäinen

Paper 126: BNRFBE Method for Blur Estimation in Document Images

Author(s): Cuong Kieu, Florence Cloppet, Nicole Vincent

Paper 127: A PNU-based Technique to Detect Forged Regions in Digital Images

Author(s): Giuseppe Cattaneo, Umberto Ferraro Petrillo, Gianluca Roscigno, Carmine De Fusco

Paper 128: Improvement of a Wavelet-Tensor Denoising Algorithm by Automatic Rank Estimation

Author(s): Julien Marot, Salah Bourennane

Paper 129: Cosine-Sine Modulated Filter Banks for Motion Estimation and Correction

Author(s): Marco Maass, Huy Phan, Anita Möller, Alfred Mertins

Paper 130: Motion Compensation based on Robust Global Motion Estimation: Experiments and Applications

Author(s): Mathieu Pouzet, Patrick Bonnin, Jean Laneurit, Cédric Tessier

Paper 131: Age and Gender Characterization through a Two Layer Clustering of Online Handwriting

Author(s): Gabriel Marzinotto, José C. Rosales, Mounim A. El-Yacoubi, Sonia Garcia-Salicetti

Paper 132: A Predictive Model for Human Activity Recognition by Observing Actions and Context

Author(s): Dennis Romero, Anselmo Frizera, Angel Sappa, Boris Vintimilla, Teodiano Bastos

Paper 133: A Task-Driven Eye Tracking Dataset for Visual Attention Analysis

Author(s): Yingyue Xu, Xiaopeng Hong, Qiuhai He, Guoying Zhao, Matti Pietikäinen

Paper 134: Visual Localisation from Structureless Rigid Models

Author(s): Guido Manfredi, Michel Devy, Daniel Sidobre

Paper 135: Full-Body Human Pose Estimation by Combining Geodesic Distances and 3D-Point Cloud Registration

Author(s): Sebastian Handrich, Ayoub Al-Hamadi

Paper 137: Collaborative, Context Based Activity Control Method for Camera Networks

Author(s): Marek Kraft, Michał Fularz, Adam Schmidt

Paper 138: Ringing Artifact Suppression using Sparse Representation

Author(s): Alexey Umnov, Andrey Krylov, Andrey Nasonov

Paper 140: Distance-based Descriptors for Pedestrian Detection

Author(s): Radovan Fusek, Eduard Sojka

Paper 141: Improved Region-Based Kalman Filter (IRKF) for Tracking Body Joints and Evaluating Gait in Surveillance Videos

Author(s): Binu Nair, Kimberly Kendricks

Paper 145: Towards a Bayesian Video Denoising Method

Author(s): Pablo Arias, Jean-Michel Morel

Paper 148: Color Image Quality Assessment based on Gradient Similarity and Distance Transform

Author(s): Zianou Ahmed Seghir, Fella Hachouf

Paper 149: Image Recognition in UAV Application Based on Texture Analysis

Author(s): Dan Popescu, Loretta Ichim

Paper 150: Edge Width Estimation for Defocus Map from a Single Image

Author(s): Andrey Nasonov, Alexandra Nasonova, Andrey Krylov

Paper 151: Unified System for Visual Speech Recognition and Speaker Identification

Author(s): Ahmed Rekik, Achraf Ben-Hamadou, Walid Mahdi

Paper 152: Human Machine Interaction via Visual Speech Spotting

Author(s): Ahmed Rekik, Achraf Ben-Hamadou, Walid Mahdi

Paper 154: Minimizing the Impact of Signal-Dependent Noise on Hyperspectral Target Detection

Author(s): Josselin Juan, Salah Bourennane, Caroline Fossati

Paper 155: A Unified Camera Calibration from Arbitrary Parallelograms and Parallepipeds

Author(s): Jae-Hean Kim, Jin Sung Choi

Paper 157: Multi-Distinctive MSER Features and their Descriptors: A Low-complexity Tool for Image Matching

Author(s): Andrzej Sluzek

Paper 158: Two-Stage filtering scheme for Sparse Representation based Interest Point Matching for Person Re-identification

Author(s): Mohamed Ibn Khedher, Mounim A. El Yacoubi

Paper 160: Optical Sensor Tracking and 3D-Reconstruction of Hydrogen-Induced Cracking

Author(s): Christian Freye, Christian Bendicks, Erik Lilienblum, Ayoub Al-Hamadi

Paper 161: Fast and Robust Variational Optical Flow for High-Resolution Images using SLIC Superpixels

Author(s): Simon Donné, Jan Aelterman, Bart Goossens, Wilfried Philips

Paper 162: Embedded System Implementation for Vehicle Around View Monitoring

Author(s): Daw-Tung Lin, Wan-Jhen Lo

Paper 164: Exploring Protected Nature through Multimodal Navigation of Multimedia Contents

Author(s): Giovanni Signorello, Giovanni Maria Farinella, Giovanni Gallo, Luciano Santo, Antonino Lopes, Emanuele Scuderi

Paper 166: Soft Biometrics by Modeling Temporal Series of Gaze Cues Extracted in the Wild

Author(s): Dario Cazzato, Marco Leo, Andrea Evangelista, Cosimo Distante

Paper 167: Sphere-Tree Semi-Regular Remesher

Author(s): Mejda Chihaoui, Akram Elkefi, Wajdi Bellil, Chokri Ben Amar

Paper 168: Multiple Description Coding for Multi-view Video

Author(s): Jing Chen, Canhui Cai, Xiaolan Wang, Huanqiang Zeng, Kai-Kuang Ma

Paper 169: Cascaded Regressions of Learning Features for Face Alignment

Author(s): Ngoc-Trung Tran, Fakhreddine Ababsa, Sarra Ben Fredj, Maurice Charbit

Paper 171: Adaptive Scale Selection for Multiscale Image Denoising

Author(s): Federico Angelini, Vittoria Bruni, Ivan Selesnick, Domenico Vitulano

Paper 173: Online Face Recognition System based on Local Binary Patterns and Facial Landmark Tracking

Author(s): Marko Linna, Juho Kannala, Esa Rahtu

Paper 174: Depth-based Filtration for Tracking Boost

Author(s): David Chrápek, Vítězslav Beran, Pavel Zemčík

Paper 175: Automatic Detection of Social Groups in Pedestrian Crowds

Author(s): sultan khan, Giuseppe vizzari, Stefania Bandini, Saleh Basalamah

Paper 178: Fast and Low Power Consumption Outliers Removal for Motion Vector Estimation

Author(s): Giuseppe Spampinato, Arcangelo Bruna, Giovanni Maria Farinella, Sebastiano Battiato, Giovanni Puglisi

Paper 179: Plane Extraction For Indoor Scene Recognition

Author(s): Ciro Potena, Alberto Pretto, Domenico Daniele Bloisi, Daniele Nardi

Paper 182: Dictionary-Based Compact Data Representation for Very High Resolution Earth Observation Image Classification

Author(s): Corina Vaduva, Florin-Andrei Georgescu, Mihai Datcu

Paper 183: A Trust Region Optimization Method for Fast 3D Spherical Configuration in Morphing Processes

Author(s): Naziha Dhibi, Akram Elkefi, Wajdi Bellil, Chokri Ben Amar

Paper 185: Image Analysis and Microscopy in Food Science: Computer Vision and Visual Inspection

Author(s): Gaetano Impoco

Paper 186: ROS-based SLAM for a Gazebo-Simulated Mobile Robot in image-Based 3D Model of Indoor Environment

Author(s): Ilya Afanasyev, Artur Sagitov, Evgeni Magid

Paper 188: Spatio-Temporal Object Recognition

Author(s): Roeland De Geest, Francis Deboeverie, Wilfried Philips, Tinne Tuytelaars

Paper 194: A Graph Based People Silhouette Segmentation using Combined Probabilities Extracted from Appearance, Shape template Prior, and Color Distributions

Author(s): Christophe Coniglio, Cyril Meurie, Olivier Lézoray, Marion Berbineau

Paper 195: Buffering Hierarchical Representation of Color Video Streams for Interactive Object Selection

Author(s): François Merciol, Sébastien Lefèvre

Paper 199: An H.264 Sensor Aided Encoder for Aerial Vdeo Sequences with in-the-Loop Metadata Enhancement

Author(s): Luca Cicala, Cesario Vincenzo Angelino, Nadir Raimondo, Enrico Baccaglini, Marco Gavelli

Paper 200: A Minimax Framework for Gender Classification based on small-sized datasets

Author(s): Marco Del Coco, Pierluigi Carcagni, Marco Leo, Cosimo Distante

Paper 203: EFIC: Edge based Foreground Background Segmentation and Interior Classification for Dynamic Camera Viewpoints

Author(s): Gianni Allebosch, Francis Deboeverie, Peter Veelaert, Wilfried Philips

Paper 204: What does one Image of One Ball Tell Us about the Focal Length?

Author(s): Rudi Penne, Bart Ribbens, Luc Mertnes, Paul Levrie

Paper 205: Towards More Natural Social Interactions of Visually Impaired Persons

Author(s): Carrato Sergio, Fenu Gianfranco, Medvet Eric, Mumolo Enzo, Pellegrino Felice Andrea, Ramponi Giovanni

Paper 207: A Mobile Application for Braille to Black Conversion

Author(s): Giovanni Maria Farinella, Paolo Leonardi, Filippo Stanco

Paper 208: Tooth Segmentation Algorithm for Age Estimation

Author(s): Mauro Bacaloni, Pierluigi Maponi, Roberto Cameriere

Paper 209: Toward A Universal Stereo Image Quality Metric Without Reference

Author(s): aladine chetouani

Paper 212: Robust Fusion of Trackers Using Online Drift Prediction

Author(s): Leang Isabelle, Stéphane Herbin, Benoît Girard, Jacques Droulez

Paper 214: A Game Engine as a Generic Platform for Real-Time Previz-on-Set in Cinema Visual Effects

Author(s): Timothée De Goussencourt, Jean Dellac, Pascal Bertolino

Paper 215: Time Ordering Shuffling for Improving Background Subtraction

Author(s): Benjamin Laugraud, Philippe Latour, Marc Van Droogenbroeck

Paper 217: Head Roll Estimation using Horizontal Energy Maximization

Author(s): Nam Jun Pyun, Nicole Vincent

Paper 219: Semantic Shape Models for Leaf Species Identification

Author(s): Olfa Mzoughi, Itheri Yahiaoui, Nozha Boujemaa, Ezzeddine Zagrouba

Paper 220: A Generic Feature Selection Method for Background Subtraction Using Global Foreground Models

Author(s): Marc Braham, Marc Van Droogenbroeck

Paper 223: A Comparison of Multi-Scale Local Binary Pattern Variants for Bark Image Retrieval

Author(s): Safia Boudra, Itheri Yahiaoui, Ali Behloul

Paper 227: Bootstrapping Computer Vision and Sensor Fusion for Absolute and Relative Vehicle Positioning

Author(s): Karel Janssen, Erwin Rademakers, Boulaid Bouikroune, Norddin El Ghouti, Richard Kleihorst

Paper 230: Direct Image Alignment for Active Near Infrared Image Differencing

Author(s): Jinwoo Kang, David Anderson, Monson Hayes

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