Acivs 2015

Advanced Concepts for Intelligent Vision Systems

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Oct. 26-29, 2015

Museo Diocesano, Catania, Italy


Acivs 2015 List of papers

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Invited papers

Paper 201: Solidarity Filter for Noise Reduction of 3D Edges in Depth Images

Author(s): Hani Javan Hemmat, Egor Bondarev, Peter de With

Paper 231: Quasar - Unlocking the Power of Heterogeneous Hardware

Author(s): Jonas De Vylder, Bart Goossens

Paper 232: Joint Optical Designing: Enhancing Optical Design by Image Processing Consideration

Author(s): J. Rollin, F. Diaz, MA. Burcklen, E. Mujic, C. Fontaine

Paper 233: Computer Vision Applications and Their Industrial Exploitation

Author(s): Alessandro Capra

Paper 234: Smart Image Sensor for Advanced Use and New Applications

Author(s): Michael Tchagaspanian

Paper 236: An Adaptive Framework for Imaging Systems

Author(s): Andreas Erik Hindborg, Lars Frydendal Bonnichsen, Nicklas Bo Jensen, Laust Brock-Nannestad, Christian W Probst, and Sven Karlsson

Paper 237: Binary Code Generation for Multimedia Application on Embedded Platforms

Author(s): Henri-Pierre Charles

Paper 238: Goals and Directions of the Newly Started EXIST Project

Author(s): Piet De Moor, Andy Lambrechts, Jonathan Borremans, and Barun Dutta

Paper 239: Image features for illuminant estimation and correction

Author(s): Raimondo Schettini

Paper 240: Domain Adaptation for Visual Applications

Author(s): Gabriela Csurka

Paper 241: The ICAF Project : Image CApture of the Future

Author(s): Ljubomir Jovanov, Jochem Herrmann, Klaas Jan Damstra, Maarten Kuijk, Wilfried Philips, Hiep Luong, Bram Devuyst, Willem-Jan Dirks, Jean-Baptiste Lorent, Pieter Jonker, Philippe Bekaert and Roel Aerts

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